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Ann's Fine Art


framed watercolor


These are a variety of actual portrait studies and made up ones
  • Mid Summer Flowers
  • 20 X 16


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Ink and Watercolor



Magic Vase

Still Life


Funky Flowers



Yellow Roses

30 X 40 " Acrylic Canvas


"the analysis of the order and position of layers of archaeological remains"


MN Lake

small work from my sketch pad

    Birds of a Feather

    Acrylic on canvas

    2022 Artist Statement

    Seeing a sunset and painting it on site is not the same as painting in my studio. The emotional connection is very real in an outdoor setting. To hear the frogs by a lake, to feel the crisp Minnesota air, to bask in the sunshine, and to touch the waving grasses, all make my creativity soar. This is why I paint in watercolor and acrylic outdoors.
    I love making a mark with graphite bars or wax resist. When I begin I might use a votive candle to randomly draw into the watercolor paper, This process makes lines that resist the paint. Or I might just play with color. Then, I use a large brush for a watery sky. My palette knife or my fingernail make marks in wet paint. These marks form grasses in the foreground or birch trees in the background. Or for a real challenge, I do an entire work of art with a credit card or palette knife.
    I enjoy the process of making marks. All of my senses are used in my art making process.

    Together Again

    Pandemic had it's good


    The Stream

    watercolor and ink

    Glimmer of Hope